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A LiveJournal community for fans of the anime/manga Junjo Romantica

Welcome to junjo_romantica, the LJ community made for and by fans of the hit BL-series by Shungiku Nakamura! This community contains fanworks and other things related to the Junjo Romantica series, so if you're a fan, go check this place out, and don't foget to join the community!

R u l e s
1. First of all, this community is made for an audience older than 14 or 15 years of age. If you do not know what BL or yaoi means, or if you do not support the series and its genre, I suggest you take your leave and go somewhere else~

2. When taking an image or anything in this community, please do not forget to give credit to its author. This includes fanart and other images like icons.

3. When putting up icons, around 3 of them can be shown for teasers, but other than that please put the rest in an LJ-cut. This goes for fanfiction and fanart as well; provide a preview for the images (but make sure it does not stretch the page). Read here if you do not know how to make an Lj-cut.

4. Downloads are to be made visible only to members of the community.

5. Be nice to your fellow Junjo fans. No flaming or going against an interest of someone else.

6. Enjoy and have fun! Please don't forget to join us!

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